My Hero Academia Hoodies – Endeavor Zip Up Hoodie

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This hoodie pays some homage to the perma-Number Two Hero: Endeavor! His fire Quirk makes him intimidating and his presence very intense, making many fans have a lot of respect for the man. His ability to recognize his rros and work to correct them to the best of his abilities is also giving the man a boost in popularity, so this hoodie is merchandise made to finally acknowledge his boost in popularity and allow for fellow fans of the formerly hot-tempered man to be able to wear some well-made merchandise to show the hero some love! This polyester hoodie is dienitnelya comrortbale way for any fans of any sizes to do so almost any time of the year, so there’s really no downside to getting the hoodie!

Our hoodies are Asian sizes, please read the size chart carefully before placing your order

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