High Quality Naruto Hat

$20.00 $11.24


Stand out from the pack with this nifty Naruto hat! This comfy hat bears an embroidered metal plate of the Japanese kanji for the Hidden Leaf Village! Wear this hat and become a member of one of the five great shinobi nations in the Land of Fire, the most powerful of the ninja villages. Like all the ninja villages, the Hidden Leaf Village has a rich history, and as the most prominent village seen in the anime, anyone will recognise its name.

This hat is not just for show, it can be worn anywhere to show your love of the franchise, leaving no mistake to even non-fans your support for the series!

Item specifics :

  • Strap Type: Adjustable
  • Material: Cotton
  • Brim : 7 cm
  • height :11 cm
  • Head size: 55-60 cm





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