Dragon Ball Z – Shenron Gold #265 Pop! Vinyl Figure


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A well-renowned dragon in the series, this Shenron figure has a bit of a twist: it’s made entirely out of gold! Well, it’s painted gold anyway. This is actually Super Shenron, also known as Zamala. This Authentic Dragon Ball Z Super Shenron Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is made to resemble the golden dragon summoned once all Super Dragon Balls are collected to make a wish of the omnipotent dragon , Standing at approximately 4 inches tall, this golden figure is a great way to put a showy piece of merchandise on display to show your friends, family, or anyone else you’d like to flex on with your great dedication the Dragon Ball fandom.

Item Specifics :

  • Licenced Funkos
  • 100% Authentic
  • Size of figure:about 15 cm
  • Package includes: 1 x Figure packed with original box.


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