Dragon Ball Super – Zamasu Pop! Vinyl Figure

$28.99 $26.09


Being around 3 and ¾ inches tall, this Authentic Dragon Ball Super Zamasu Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure is a rather cool way for fans to show off their appreciation for not only the Dragon Ball Super series, but this methodical and collected Core Person later revealed to be a rather major antagonist of the Dragon Ball series! Zamasu was soon found out to be a rather cold and evil being after his reveal of being Goku Black caused him to wreak havoc in many timelines! Many fans were shocked by the twist and, as such, likely become deeply invested in his character and possibly wanted some merch of him. Well, if any of those fans are reading this, look no further! This small and compact piece of merchandise is a great way to display some respect for the evil Kai without too much hassle at all!

Item Specifics :

  • 100% Authentic
  • Brand : Funko
  • Size :about 9cm
  • Package includes: 1 x Figure packed with original box.



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