Naruto Shippuden Cape Cosplay



Stand out from the crowd with these Naruto capes of your favorite Anime characters! Featuring designs worn by Naruto, the Akatsuki and the 4th  Hokage! With these comfy capes, you too can cosplay as your favorite ninjas, be it the rogue criminal, or a leader or future hero!    These warm capes are not just for show and can be worn anywhere. Anyone can wear these capes to show their love of the franchise, leaving no mistake to even non-fans your support for the series!

  1. Minato Namizake 4th Hokage Cloak
  2. Minato Namikaze Six Yondaime Hokage Cape
  3. Naruto Uzumaki 7th Hokage Cloak
  4. Itachi Uchiha Akatsuki Cape
  5. Sasuke Uchiha Akatsuki Cape
  6. Rikudou Sage of the Six Paths Cloak
  7. Kabuto Yakushi Sennin Moodo Cape (Sage Mode)


Package Content:

  • 1 × Cloak (Not include others)
  • Material: Polyester


Size Chart:





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